Our Claremont

Claremont is our home – that’s why our work is extending out into our community.

We know the work we do with young people through our Club sessions, activities and Detached Youth Work is having a big impact. However, we also believe that the work we do must extend further to make the difference we know is possible for young people in Claremont.

That’s why we are committed to working with young people and our wider community to make Claremont a better place for young people to live, play and work.

We know that young people have the knowledge, skills and experience to make their community better for everyone and we will support them to advocate for, challenge decision makers and change Claremont for the better.

We started this area of work way back in 2019, and in 2020 at the very start of the pandemic we released a masterplan for our community; ‘Our Claremont’. This was developed with funding from Homes England and support from Blackpool Council, and was led by young people and stakeholders from across Claremont.

It clearly wasn’t the best time to launch anything! So we are now picking up this work and redeveloping it with the new challenges and opportunities we are facing as a community.

You can read the ‘Our Claremont’ summary report here or the full report here.