Skydive for Magic Club

Raise money to help the Magic Club and make memories for a lifetime with a sponsored sky dive

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush whilst helping the Magic Club support hundreds of young people.

Imagine it, your cruising at 10,000ft, you’re nervous, you’re excited, the doors open and you jump!

Skydiving may have been on your bucket list for a while, or maybe you are just ready to do something a little crazy this year.

Booking with Skyline couldn’t be easier, giving you a high-quality experience coupled with easy fundraising for the Magic Club.

Book here today.

Once you have a date confirmed, we will support you with: 
– A #TeamMagicClub T-shirt
– Sponsorship Forms
– Fundraising Support

If you are unsure and would like more information about taking part in a skydive, please email and we would be happy to help you with any queries. You can also visit the event organiser’s FAQ page for more information.