Grub's up at the Magic Club

This year we are really pleased to be offering food at all our Club sessions again.

We know that money is tight and homes are busy, so we want to take off some of that pressure by making sure members have a tasty, healthy, club-cooked meal at no cost.

From spag bol to veggie chilli, we’re introducing new foods, chock full of veg, using cost efficient recipes that can be replicated at home and we use the time we’re eating to sit together, talking about our day.

In order to make these delicious meals for over 100 young people each week, we have a new team of volunteers made up of our members parents and carers. They, as with our whole team, have completed a Level 2 in food safety & hygiene, supporting their skills development and they have the chance to meet other parents and carers to have a natter and offload.

We have also recently been awarded another 5* hygiene rating after a spot inspection from Blackpool Council, which means we are clean, equipped and knowledgeable about food safety and hygiene measures.

We’re looking forward to much more cooking, eating and chatting over the next few months!