Choice Hotels Ltd pledge support to the Magic Club

We are really pleased to announce that Choice Hotels Ltd are supporting the Magic Club as our very first Business Supporter. 

When our Chief Officer, Laura White, and Choice Hotels Ltd Director Eddie Nelder met just a couple of months ago, we knew this was a perfect match. Eddie’s passion for Blackpool and its young people, and his drive to make a difference in our community complemented the work of the Magic Club perfectly.

Choice Hotels have pledged a financial donation to the Magic Club every year, with support for further fundraising events and activities.

Eddie Nelder says; “I really think there is a short window of time when you can make a difference in a young person’s life, when they otherwise have limited opportunities. There are lots of great causes around the world we can support, but the Magic Club is right on our doorstep and we’re really pleased we can make a big difference to young people here.”

Business sponsors are vital to the survival as charities such are ours, but a donation doesn’t just benefit the Magic Club. By linking with a charity, businesses can help boost their brand, create more good PR, provide volunteering opportunities for teams, gain new connections and improve staff retention and morale.

Thank you to Eddie and Choice Hotels Ltd, we are really looking forward to working with Eddie and Choice Hotels Ltd in the months and years to come to make a huge difference for and with the young people of Claremont.